• Times Like These: On Grief, Hope & Remarkable Love

    Times Like These: On Grief, Hope & Remarkable Love
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    ISBN: 9781988547527
    Title: Times Like These: On Grief, Hope & Remarkable Love

    'These essays about love, loss, and memories of night voyages with her dad glow from within, like phosphorescence on the sea. Just what we need in times like these.' - Diana Wichtel

    'Evocative, lyrical, surprising, Times Like These is built from a heart that bursts out of every page.' - Toby Manhire

    Childhood, family, and death; anxiety and release; grief and the hope of new life: these are some of the themes that underpin Michelle Langstone's debut collection.

    Michelle is interested in the way the concept of identity is shaken during a major event, and in the feeling world at its most raw and intimate. These essays speak to one another across a timeline, examining her world before the death of her father, and life after his passing, when she recalibrates the shape of a universe without him. Essays on acting, fertility and IVF, and intergenerational love round out a collection that is full of candour and humour.

    Tender, poignant and moving, these intimate essays are perfectly formed and offer a shimmering portrait of the human condition.

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