• Dictionary of Maori Language

    Dictionary of Maori Language
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    ISBN: 9781869560454
    Title: Dictionary of Maori Language
    Author: WILLIAMS H W

    The first edition of A Dictionary of the New Zealand Language, the work of William Williams, Archdeacon (and later Bishop) of Waiapu, appeared in 1852 - more than thirty years before the publication of the first part of the Oxford English Dictionary. Ever since then students of Maori language have found Williams' dictionary indispensable. The third (1871) and fourth (1892) editions were revised by William Leonard, son of William. He, too, was Archdeacon (and later Bishop) of Waiapu. The fifth, much enlarged edition, was edited by Herbert, grandson of Williams, and, inevitably it seems, Bishop of Waiapu.

    Incorporating material provided by such scholars as Eldson Best, A.S. Atkinson, Edward Tregear, Williams Colenso and the Rev. Mohi Turei, and drawing examples largely from the writings of Maori authorities including Te Rangikaheke, Te Rangihaeata, Te Whatahoro and others, the fifth edition was virtually a new work, and an enduring tribute to the linguistic scholarship of the Williams' lineage.

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