• Maori Made Easy 2

    Maori Made Easy 2
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    ISBN: 9780143772774
    Title: Maori Made Easy 2

    The bestselling Maori Made Easygave learners an accessible and achievable entry into te reo Maori. It quickly cemented itself as theguide to those new to the language.

    Scotty Morrison now offers a second instalment to help readers continue their learning journey, picking up where the first volume left off. Maori Made Easy 2unpacks more of the specifics of the language while still offering an easy, assured approach. By committing 30 minutes a day for 30 weeks, learners can build their knowledge in a practical, meaningful and fun way.

    Enhance your reo Maori learning with the most reliable - and easiest! - resource available.

    Format: Paperback
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