• Nga Kete Matauranga: Maori Scholars at the Research Interface

    Nga Kete Matauranga: Maori Scholars at the Research Interface
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    ISBN: 9781988592558
    Title: Nga Kete Matauranga: Maori Scholars at the Research Interface

    In this beautiful and transformative book, 24 Maori academics share their personal journeys, revealing what being Maori has meant for them in their work. Their perspectives provide insight for all New Zealanders into how matauranga is positively influencing the Westerndominated disciplines of knowledge in the research sector. It is a shameful fact, says co-editor Jacinta Ruru in her introduction to Nga Kete Matauranga, that in 2020, only about 5 percent of academic staff at universities in Aotearoa New Zealand are Maori. Tertiary institutions have for the most part been hostile places for Indigenous students and staff, and this book is an important call for action. ‘It is well past time that our country seriously commits to decolonising the tertiary workforce, curriculum and research agenda,’ writes Professor Ruru. The book demonstrates the power, energy and diversity that can be brought out into the world by Maori scholars working both comfortably and uncomfortably from within, without and across diverse academic disciplines and matauranga Maori. – Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith These deeply personal stories provide a portal into the te ao Maori world, which many outside it seek to understand, but struggle to find a frame in which to do so. The abstract concept of decolonising the tertiary workforce is brought to life and given meaning by these korero of strength, where the authors display courage and vision from within an environment so often hostile to Indigenous ways of knowing. Read it, be inspired, and welcome this refreshingly written challenge to embrace matauranga Maori and build a stronger academy. – Professor Juliet A. Gerrard, Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor Kaitohutohu Matanga Putaiao Matua ki te Pirimia

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