• Effectual Prayer

    Effectual Prayer
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    ISBN: 9781644391051
    Title: Effectual Prayer

    Frances W. Foulks takes the reader through eight steps of prayer—from what
    makes prayer effectual to actually living in the consciousness of the Christ. This
    is a timeless book, so while the writing style differs from what the contemporary
    reader may expect, it is like remembering your grandmother’s advice when faced
    with a current problem. Rev. Foulks’ observations are astonishingly simple but
    not simplistic. In commenting on how we ourselves limit our capacity to receive
    an answer to our prayers, she says: “The answer desired when the prayer is
    offered may never be manifested, for aslong as we are seeking things, our desires
    change with the fashions, and there is no perfect pattern for substance to follow.”
    The meditations offered in the back of the book were given to the writer in
    various times of need, to be used for herself or for someone seeking help through
    her. Foulks says the meditations came not from herself but “as the voice of the
    Christ speaking through her.” She offers them as her gift to the reader.
    She could be describing her own book when she writes:
    To read a holy meditation over and over and over again, perhaps to memorize
    it, is to be filled with its holy thoughts both in the conscious and the subconscious
    mind. The vision is lifted: we enter the high watch. Fears and doubts
    vanish, faith is increased, strength is gathered, power prevails.
    Throughout the book, Frances Foulks reminds us to prepare, admonishes us
    to relax, helps us to concentrate when we pray. She offers practical, sage advice
    on how to do what we need to do most in our lives—pray. As she says in her
    Foreword, “The cry of the disciples to the Master, ‘Lord, teach us to pray’ is a cry
    uttered by each human heart, sometime, somewhere on the journey of life.”

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